WallaBee 506

by chrisirmo, updated by Mizak and SkipOkane

Now it’s time for some of the really advanced stuff in WallaBee.

Managing Your Pouch


Sometimes you’ll find it’s advantageous to rearrange your pouch to move items you’d like to keep to the bottom, for example. To do so, simply press and hold on one of the items until it wiggles then drag it to the place you’d like it to go.

Now that you've gotten to the advanced stages of WallaBee, you might consider expanding your pouch. It doubles your pouch size from 30 spots to 60 spots and costs $1.99 in the U.S. and comparable elsewhere. You can tap it to verify the price without committing to the purchase. As always, you can play WallaBee for free, but this is one of the purchases to at least consider.




By now you may have foraged, bought, or found a few choice items and your pouch is getting pretty full. If you just drop your best items, anyone else can and might pick them up. You can solve this by locking your nicest items. You start with 3 locks and can buy 10 locks for $0.99 in the U.S. and comparable elsewhere.

You can use a lock by tapping on an item in your pouch, tapping the Action button, and “Lock item”. Each lock can only be used once and are destroyed when the item is unlocked. Now when you drop it, no one else will be able to pick it up. You can also chose to hide it so that anyone who wanders by will not be able to see it, but understand that locked items are visible to some 3rd party tools.


Improving your Numbers


Most players choose to complete all their sets first and then work on improving them. Some choose to collect the lowest number of each item that they can (this is most common), or try to get their items below a certain benchmark, like sub-1000 or sub-2000. Others collect palindromes, items ending in two or more zeros, or other patterns, while others go for a specific number (e.g. 623 for their birthday).

The great thing about WallaBee is that it’s completely up to you to decide how you want to play the game. Collecting a specific number is probably the most difficult because many items (especially the low numbered ones) get mixed right away and are thus unattainable. It’s often best to choose several numbers that you can fall back on if your favorite isn’t available.

WallaBee player mizak maintains collectbee where you can find the numbers that other players collect. If you decide to collect a specific number or numbers, send him a message to be added to the list.


WallaBee Uniques


For some of the sets, WallaBee has created a related item that can require mixing more than just two items together to create a new item. They’re sometimes fairly complicated. The Yeti, for example, launched after the Expedition Everest set. To make one, you must mix five explorers, three sherpas, seven pairs of socks, eight food packs and the summit.

The recipes for older “megamixes” can be found on Itembrowser.com, while newer items must be figured out based on clues from the WallaBee staff (usually on Twitter/Facebook or in the forums within the app).


Player Uniques


Players have also commissioned their own unique items from WallaBee. It’s up to the players who commission the uniques to determine how they want to give them out. Sometimes they can be had just for asking nicely, sometimes the player would like help with their game goals or a low numbered item in trade. Additional information on each Unique can be found on Itembrowser.com

Anyone can commission a unique for a price. More information can be found on the WallaBee site.




There is an Auction House forum available within WallaBee. It's best to watch a few auctions to get the feel for them before you jump in. Typically, items auctioned are those that will probably go for more than 5,000 Honeycombs and therefore can't be listed for free in the Market. This is the wild, wild west of auctions, so it is up to the player announcing the auction to define the terms. Play close attention to whichever rules are announced.

Ready to auction something of your own? Pick a good item, find an auction format that you like, announce your terms and stick to them! Bear in mind that people play around the globe, so time limits like “24 hours from this post” work much better than “8:30 PM PDT”. Good luck!


You have now completed your coursework! Woohoo! Still have questions? Skip's Lists has a collection of tips, tricks, and stuff to try and more help can be found here.

Have I missed anything? Send me a message in game so I can add it and benefit future players.

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