Snake Charmer
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Snake Charmer

Welcome to Egypt! You've made your way through the market and stopped to listen to this hypnotic Snake Charmer. Be careful and don't step too close to the snake. You've got a long journey ahead!

Release (UTC)
13 Nov 2013 6:19 PM
Total Issued
Store Cost

Journey To The Pyramids
Journey To The Pyramids

1-99 Stats
Rarebee Ranking: N/A
Total Saved: 83
Total Mixed: 0
Total in Pouch: 0
Total in Lock Box: 7
Total Dropped: 8
Total in Mixer Pool: 0
Total in Recycle Center: 0
Total in Limbo: 1

1-999 Stats
Rarebee Ranking: 1808
Total Saved: 484
Total Mixed: 1
Total in Pouch: 1
Total in Lock Box: 364
Total Dropped: 117
Total in Mixer Pool: 5
Total in Recycle Center: 0
Total in Limbo: 27

1-9999 Stats
Rarebee Ranking: 2638
Total Saved: 1160
Total Mixed: 218
Total in Pouch: 3
Total in Lock Box: 612
Total Dropped: 7776
Total in Mixer Pool: 31
Total in Recycle Center: 2
Total in Limbo: 197