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ItemBrowser is a completely free, unofficial, web-based companion to WallaBee for iOS, developed by mizak and cd.

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    Latest Updates

    • 22 March 2015 - Quad Digit (QD) Rankings Added To RareBee - Quad Digit (QD) RareBee Rankings are now available. They have been added to Wish Lists, Lock Lists, and FinderBee.
    • 5 December 2014 - Player Stats Viewer launched Profiles were getting a little long. So we have moved Player Stats onto their very own page and added new charts and Top 5 Numbers Collected. It's available through your Profile page via the Player Stat Viewer Button.
    • 28 Aug 2014 - WallaBee 101 Tutorial moved to Itembrowser chrisirmo's very helpful tutorial (WallaBee 101) for how to get started in WallaBee has been moved on to Itembrowser.
    • 3 May 2014 - PlayerBee Leaderboards launched Where do you stand among other players? Are your sets really low? Are they really high? Find out in our new PlayerBee Leaderboard page.
    • 21 April 2014 - Lock List Tool launched Do you have alot of locked items? If your items are NOT hidden you can find them via the new Lock List Tool on Itembrowser! It's available through your Profile page.
    • 27 February 2014 - Number Browser launched Are you a number collector and what to know more about where your favorite number is? Are you curious about which #1 items have been mixed? Check out our new Number Browser and explore a number today!
    • 6 Janurary 2014 - Mixer Pool Browser launched Want to know what's really in the Mixer Pool? Use our Mixer Pool Browser to really see what numbers and items are in the pool.
    • 6 Janurary 2014 - RareBee and Item Stats launched Want to know how rare an item is? Do you want to know if there might be some low numbers in the mixing pool? For rarity check out RareBee and for other Item stats view the individual item pages for more info.
    • 21 August 2013 — ItemBrowser 4.0 released. Features a completely new design and several reimagined tools that'll help take your foraging to the next level.
    • 1 Aug 2013 — MarketBee launched. MarketBee compares your saved items to the Marketplace to show you upgrades for your numbers. It's available through Profile page.
    • 28 July 2013 — TrackerBee launched. TrackerBee displays changes to items within the past 24 hours.
    • 1 July 2013 — FinderBee launched. With FinderBee, you can easily locate the lowest numbered items around you.
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